1)Why open an online team store?
Online team stores give customers an opportunity to support their organization by purchasing customized apparel during an open enrollment period. It is a hassle free and effective way to show off your pride for your organization

2)How does the process work?
It is very simple….. A representative of your organization contacts us with your interest in opening an online team store. From there we will guide them in the process of selecting which items will be sold. We will then discuss what artwork and logos will be put on your custom apparel and where they will go. Next, a buying window, at the discretion of the organization, will be determined. Lastly, after this determined period, the store will close and customer orders will be tallied and processed. Orders will be ready no later than 10-14 business days.

3)What items will be sold?
It is up to each individual organization to decide on a select number of items and colors to be sold during the open period of buying.  

4)How do I receive my items purchased? 
 It is up to each individual club how the items will be distributed. Please read the sale details carefully when purchasing these items for specific instructions

5)How do we collect payment?
Your web store is completely secure and safe allowing your members to pay directly by credit card. After shopping they will be taken to their shopping cart where they can review their order and check out. After checkout they will receive an email confirming their purchase. This process eliminates the responsibility of your organization of taking orders and collecting money. 

6)How is your online team store promoted?
Your online team store will be directly linked to your organizations web site so your members can easily find their custom web store. It is also very important to promote and get the word out about this fantastic opportunity to purchase your organizations gear

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